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So....Why DYWC?

If you have been in the youth ministry game for any length of time, you know that it can often be a lonely journey. Put yourself in the wide open spaces of the American West, specifically the Rocky Mountain region, and you just upped your potential to be isolated and alone amidst the land of big open country and a frontiersmen mindset. Add the layer of living and working in one of the fastest growing cities in the country and you've got yourself a recipe for constant turnover and transient leadership.

So, how do youth workers make it in our region? The reality is that many don't! We still have one of the highest turnover rates of professional youth workers in the country, averaging a tenure for must just under 2 years (Thanks Barna and Pew for the research).

Enter the Denver Youth Worker Collective, a grassroots organization and interconnected and networked youth workers that exist to engage, equip and encourage the professional youth workers in our city. We started in 2016 with no money, no formal organization, or really any clue of what we were doing, but had a ton of heart and big dreams for how to care for our youth ministry community here in the Mile High City. In the following years, we have carved out a deeply committed and loyal group of youth workers who are here for each other and encouraging long haul ministry in our contexts. It's been a wild ride so far and we are so grateful for each of you!

So, if you aren't connected to a local youth worker community, today is the day. Connect with one of our network leaders or get into one of our online communities and start being part of this great community!!

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